My coaching strategy

Methods we’ll be using and how we work with a client

We work with people who want to change who want to let go of the mental chains that are holding them down. We specialise with people who suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety. We work with people by getting them to see how their mind really works.

Results expected

There are no expectations, and no limitations on how much a person can achieve. At Ultra Mind Coaching we don’t just deal with the super fit. We can help everyone who wants to be helped.

There is no technique or mind training involved, or finding peoples triggers and trawling through your past.

We just help to give people the understanding of how their mind works, and that everything you need is right there with-in yourself. We enable you to just live your life.

How we help people

If you come to a retreat with me, I will first meet and greet with you and listen; yes, listen to you!

It is my belief that if I listen to you I can assess your needs to understand the ‘why’ of you. Why you are suffering and can’t seem to let go. I will encourage you to speak of the things that are binding you down.

Sometimes it’ll be tough to talk, and then you’ll somehow learn to know the way forward, to move on with your life, to learn to Love yourself once more. It’s not easy, but along this self realisation road, you will come to understand the three principals that have helped so many before you. We will combine running and working with your mind to find peace with-in yourself. What we show people is that when we suffer it is not coming from the outside world, it’s always coming from within. This can work for anyone not just the super fit.

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