Andrew Phillips

A journey to better health

At Ultra Mind Coaching, we teach the Three Principals of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.

I am a 33-year old ultra runner from Cornwall UK. I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for 20 years.

This was until four years ago when I was introduced to the three principals by Russell Davies who, in his own right, is an amazing three principals facilitator.

This really changed my life.

I also have dyslexia and find it hard to write things down and therefore often find it easier to do the blog videos which is how people have truly understood this whole concept.

Living in the present moment is always the best moment to live in, because when ever you’re in the present moment, there never is an issue, because this is how we were designed to live.

We are only one thought away from being OK. We tell ourselves stories even before they happen, we go back in the past and try to find the reason. Then we go forward into the future to try and foresee what’s going to happen, but the best thing you can grasp, is that living in the present moment is always the best moment.

I want to help other people let go of their limitations.

There are so many questions you can ask me, but it’s difficult to say in one go. Imagine being in a lift. If 10 is pure bliss being on cloud nine and level one was the worse, then I’ve been right down  at the bottom, in the basement.

The feeling of going out of my mind. Horrid feelings, throat constricted, trying to take that really deep breath. If there was a book with all the symptoms in, I’d say that I’ve had them all.

No matter what your issues are, I feel sure that I can find a way of allowing you to let go of those mental chains that are holding your mind down. The running has helped me tremendously.

But now I don’t use it as a tool to feel well. It’s something I just do for the sheer love of it. When we are unwell, we use physical tools as a way of coping with our anxiety and depression.

Running is my own style of meditation and it helps me every day. You may think you have a physical illness, but in reality this is just created by thought, and in turn it’s how we think about these thoughts, that creates our own reality, its not a physical thing, because thoughts create physical feelings, and your mind will always recover because in all of us is our own innate health.

You may think this is a good thing to be doing but in reality you are only masking your issues.

When we have deep realisations, that we are using coping mechanisms and this is compounding our problems further – only then can the healing begin from with in.

Deep realisation is not found easily, but you can achieve this if you adopt the way of the three principals.

Live your life. Love yourself and live in the moment. Love will drive you further than anything else in this world.

Whenever a person is suffering it’s always coming from within, not the external world.

Here at ultra mind coaching we like to teach ‘still power’ and not ‘will power’.